Hi Everybody,

Hope all’s well out there.  When we left off last time, we had uncovered a delay in the enclosure shipment. (We brought in the first 250 enclosures via air and had them send the rest via boat — it’s the shipment via boat that’s delayed.)  We’ve been pushing the vendor and the freight forwarder this week, but the enclosures are still in China waiting to get on a boat.  There’s a long line of container ships waiting to unload in Los Angeles, which means that there are fewer container ships in China to take products to the US.   It’s a conveyer belt of sorts.  We’ll continue to push and be the squeaky wheel, so to speak…

Amazon fulfillment stall

OK, more shipment delays — Amazon seems to be having issues shipping several of the rewards.  About 15 rewards have been flagged and have stopped advancing in the system.  We’ve submitted a case to find out what the problem could be.  We’re reluctant to upload more orders until we find out what the problem could be…   but we expect this to be resolved next week.   Amazon is shipping all rewards to US backers.  Many US backers have received their rewards (roughly 90% of backers with backer numbers less than 275).  Our international fulfillment partner has reported no problems with shipping/fulfillment, so if you’re a backer outside the US and your backer number is less than 275, you should receive your reward soon, if you haven’t already.

Forum and docs

Please go to vizycam.com and check out our forum where we have an application poll that we would like you to weigh in on.  The discussion forum is open, so feel free to register and start a discussion topic.

The docs that describe how to get started with your Vizy and accessories are online.  We’ll be adding to it over the coming weeks.  A wise person once said that you’re never done with documentation…   The coming weeks, in particular, will be a busy time for us with documentation.

That’s all for now — we’ll be back next week with another update.


The Vizy Team

Manufacturing update (week 5)

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