Hey Everybody,

We’ve done it!  All Kickstarter rewards and pre-orders have left the facility and are on their way to you.  If you are backer number 300 to 450, you should have received an email confirmation and if you haven’t received your reward yet, you should soon.  If your backer number is greater than 450 or you purchased a pre-order, your Vizy is on its way to our fulfillment partners and will ship within the week.  Nice!

On the software development side of things, we’ve been focusing on the MotionScope application, and it’s close to its first release.  Check out the quickie demo video below.

Additionally, we recently added some useful docs about how to implement a squirrel defense system and how to mount your outdoor enclosure if you plan on running the birdfeeder application.

Thanks for helping us through the last year — here’s to bigger and better things for 2022!

The Vizy Team

Good news for the new year!

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