Hi Everybody,

Not much manufacturing took place this week because we’re waiting for parts, but along those lines, we were able to get more information on our boat.  We’re booked on the Zim Alabama, a handsome vessel with a carrying capacity of 71112 long tons, which should be plenty of capacity for our enclosures.

As you can see I spent some time geeking out over this — you can actually track its journeys online (You have to pay to get the most recent information — maybe there’s a tier where you can goose it to go faster?  We’re investigating…)

This week we made significant progress with the software, checking off several tasks required for the Birdfeeder application.   And we did some fleshing-out of the documentation (check out the new “Digging deeper” section.)  Some have asked about the Power Board API, you can check out the docs here.

That’s all for now… next week will continue our focus on software and documentation.   Many thanks for your patience.

Share your thoughts, concerns, and questions below, or let’s meet over in the forum and discuss.


The Vizy Team

Manufacturing(ish) update (week 7)

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