Hi Everybody,

Hope all’s well out there!  Here’s where we are:

If your backer number is 275 or less, your reward is on its way to you, and you should receive an email soon (hopefully within the next week) with tracking information.

There have been some significant delays from our fulfillment partners.   If you’re outside the US, your reward hasn’t shipped yet because there is a company-wide delay and backlog.   We’re digging into them trying to get them to ship these packages to you as soon as possible.

If you’re within the US, Amazon will be shipping your reward, and they seem to be able to get shipments out without much delay.   We assume that at least some of you have already received emails.  (yes?)


Houston, we have a problem…

Those of you who have been following along may remember that we had a heck of a time getting the plastic enclosures, and we expedited the first 250 via air so we could get manufacturing started.  The remaining enclosures shipped via sea to arrive about 3-4 weeks later, which we reasoned would be around the time that we needed them.  Well… when we checked on their status last week, we found that they hadn’t left the port in China.  (ouch)  It turns out that they are waiting for a boat.  We’ve been told that there is a shipping backlog in China and that there isn’t enough available physical space available to ship products to the US.   So it appears that the supply chain issues these days are wide and varied and nearly impossible to avoid.

What does this mean for you the backer?  Sometime next week, we will run out of enclosures and we will need to stop manufacturing Vizys and wait for enclosures to arrive.   We may get space on a boat tomorrow and they will arrive in 3 weeks for a roughly 3-week delay, but we simply do not know.  So if your backer number is 300(ish) or more, the delay will definitely affect you.  We’ll keep you posted.

On the positive side, the extra time will result in more software and documentation being available when your Vizy arrives.   Thanks for your continued patience.

Back next week…


The Vizy Team

Manufacturing update (week 4)

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