Hi Everybody,

Hope all’s well out there, just a quickie update this week.  If you’re just tuning in, we’ve been waiting on the 2nd shipment of enclosures, which are waiting for a boat to come along to take them to the US.  And we’ve secured booking on a worthy vessel, but it won’t sail until later this month with an expected arrival on November 20th.  (And why do they call it “sailing”?)

In the meantime, we’ve been putting together Vizy subassemblies so that we can kick things into a higher gear when we do get the parts.   And we’ve also made good progress in the software department — in particular, the Birdfeeder app.  Well… as of yesterday, it’s up!  You can update and give it a try if you like, but we’re a bit behind schedule and don’t have documentation ready yet, but who needs documentation?   (The documentation will be ready Monday 10/18.  Using the Birdfeeder app is fairly straightforward, but getting the Google Cloud configured might be challenging without some guidance.   Still, several of you have given the app a try and initial reviews are positive.)

We’ll keep on rolling with the software development (and documentation) next week.  Please share your initial Birdfeeder impressions with us and the community over at the forum, but maybe wait a few days for the documentation.  See you soon!


The Vizy Team

Manufacturing(ish) update (week 8)

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