Hi Everybody,


Manufacturing has begun!

There is an extra step that wasn’t reflected in the schedule — namely, we need to send the products in sufficient quantities to our fulfillment partners (Amazon and Amplifier) and they will be shipping the rewards to you.   That extra step will add a week, which has been reflected in the schedule.


We are going to start giving weekly updates to give y’all a better estimate as to when you will receive your reward.  The first backers will start to see their rewards the week of September 6.


Back next week!


The Vizy Team


PS: If you want to add to your reward, go to vizycam.com/shop — here you’ll find all Vizy packages and accessories.  Use the same shipping address that you gave us in the rewards survey and use the coupon code KSFREE — this way we’ll automatically add the items to your reward when it ships.


If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected]

Manufacturing update (week 1)

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