Hey Everybody,

Have you ever noticed that the progress bar for whatever you’re trying to get done on your computer often gets stuck at 99%?  It just sits there and taunts you with its almost done-ness, as if it’s daring you to throw something at the screen.  In my experience a few choice swear words are usually sufficient…  There should a word for this phenomenon because it happens all the friggin time…  we’ll call it Tantalizingly Almost, but Annoyingly Not Done, Yet, which makes the fun acronym TAANDY, rhymes with “dandy”, perhaps ironically so.

As you know, we’re waiting for Vizy’s plastic enclosures.   They have made the long journey across the Pacific, through the Panama Canal and have landed in Houston, where they now sit in a container freight station (CFS) warehouse, waiting to be processed and eventually shipped to us here in Austin.  Normally, imported goods spend no more than 48 hours in a CFS, but these are weird times, and it seems that these days, TAANDY begets more TAANDY as the delays make their way through the supply chain.  We’ve been told that once the shipment is released, we’ll likely receive them within 24 hours and that they could be released any day now, or it could take up to 2 weeks.

We’ll continue to push the freight forwarders and keep you informed… but right now we’re estimating that production will resume on December 17.

In the meantime, please join us in swearing at the screen.  The progress bar will reach 100%… thank you so much for your patience.

The Vizy Team

We’re at 99%

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