Hi Everybody,

Hope all’s well out there.  Ever hear of Hofstadter’s Law?  It predicts that your next project will take longer than expected, even after taking into account Hofstadter’s law.  Hofstadter was clearly onto something, but his self-referential law doesn’t get nearly enough attention, especially in the realm of software development, because let’s face it — software is the worst!  So feel free to credit him when your next software project is late.  (Or super late…)

In the spirit of H’s Law, the 2nd release of the Birdfeeder application is finally ready.  We added recording capability to the Birdfeeder application.  You can now take videos, which will be uploaded to Google Photos, and if you like, Vizy will automatically take videos when it defends your birdfeeder.  You know, so you can make sure that the food that you’ve so generously provided makes it to the intended recipients.

We also added some more camera modes (see video example) and fixed/improved various issues/things.

Go ahead and update.   Full documentation will land later this week, but the new controls/features are fairly self-explanatory.  Nerdy note:  while Vizy is recording video within the Birdfeeder application, it’s also encoding a video stream for your browser to display, encoding the recorded video stream at full framerate/1080p, and running a Tensorflow network!

If you have any questions/issues, meet us over at the forum.

The Vizy Team

Hofstadter’s Law

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