New Vizy release

Hey everybody, 

Hope all’s well out there!  We have a new Vizy software release, version 0.1.100.  Among bug fixes, this release contains the second major release of the MotionScope application.  Sorry this took so dang long… Hofstadter’s law still has its grip on Vizy software development…

Among the new MotionScope features:

  • Named projects – you can save projects and settings using the familiar save, save-as, open, and close commands from the File menu..
  • Data export – you can export the raw data in various forms: table, csv, json, and xlsx
  • Advanced trigger modes – you tell Vizy to start recording when it senses motion, or you can use an external button plugged into Vizy.  
  • Start-shift – you can set the beginning of the recording in the past so that when you start recording, Vizy has already recorded the desired amount, so you don’t miss the start of the footage.
  • Camera perspective – you can change the perspective of the camera in software.  Sometimes Vizy’s image plane  isn’t parallel to the motion plane, which can result in lost motion, but you can now change Vizy’s perspective to capture all motion – it’s a bit like magic! 

You can check out the latest documentation here.  

Don’t forget to update!  

The Vizy Team

Vizy’s first review is in

Earlier this week, Hackaday posted a review of Vizy.  It being the first review (ever), we were a bit nervous…  But Vizy’s various talents, likeability, and general good looks carried the day.  Some excepts:

“I found it ridiculously simple to get up and running, and it was just as easy to make changes of my own, and start getting ideas…  I was running pre-installed examples written in Python within minutes, and editing that very same code in about 30 seconds more.  …  Vizy has a level of polish and set of features that I really hope to see more of in future products like this.”

Kudos to our favorite hacker-friendly AI camera!