Birdfeeder Application

The Birdfeeder application watches your bird feeder and can identify 47 North American and 40 European bird species. It captures pictures of the birds and uploads them to Google Photos for you to view and see what birds have been visiting your bird feeder.  It can also text you when it sees a species it hasn’t seen before, or when it sees a species you’re interested in.

Additionally, it can identify the “party crashers” — such as squirrels, opossums and raccoons (or even unwelcome bird species.) And if you give Vizy the ability, it will “take care of things”. That is, Vizy can control a sprinkler valve with its high-current I/O and send the unwelcome visitors a discouraging message in the form of a harmless squirt of water.

Vizy can record these interactions as short videos and upload those to the cloud as well, if you wish. Finally, some justice and accountability for your bird feeder! You can think of Vizy as a tool to encourage squirrels to stick to acorns and the like, so that your feathered friends can enjoy the food you’ve so generously provided for them.

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